It Was Worth It

Getting Revolution off the ground was hard. It is still hard work. Every church plant is hard work.

I was talking to a friend this week who is thinking about leaving his church because it is getting hard. I was reminded again about how hard pastoring is.

Then I thought about this past Saturday when we baptized Carmen. When we started Revolution, she didn’t attend. In fact, when Revolution started in mind, she didn’t live in Tucson yet. Her life is changed because of what God is doing at Revolution. I started to think about the marriages that have been saved because of Revolution. The people who now honor God with their finances, have gotten out of debt, found freedom from addictions, pain and sin.

Is it possible that all that could have happened at another church in Tucson? Absolutely. But it happened at Revolution.

Here is the point. Pastoring, church planting, leading is hard. No one can deny that. It will eat your lunch. If you are going through a hard season right now, just remember, you are pushing through this time because 6 months from now, a year from now there will be a person, a family that will walk into your church whose life and eternity will be changed because you are there.

In that moment, you will realize that it was worth it.