Top Posts on Marriage & Relationships

I’m getting ready to kick off The Vow this Saturday at Revolution. Below are my top 25 posts on marriage.

  1. 15 Ways to Destroy Your Marriage
  2. 15 Ways to Improve Your Marriage
  3. Book Recommendations for Dealing with Baggage, Hurt and Relational Pain
  4. How You Know You are Slacking Off
  5. Book Recommendations for Dealing with Porn, Sexual Addiction, and Adultery
  6. Boundaries in Dating & Marriage
  7. Adultery Ladder
  8. “When we Get Married, He/She Will _______”
  9. Spiritual Warfare, 30 Day Sex Challenge, & You
  10. 16 Ways Not to Fight
  11. Book Recommendations for Dealing with Questions about Divorce and Remarriage
  12. Is Love a Choice or a Feeling (And Why it Matters)
  13. Looking for Love
  14. How a Wife Handles Her Husband’s Sexual Addiction
  15. Book Recommendations for Dealing with Emotional & Physical Needs
  16. Her Needs: Affection
  17. Her Needs: Conversation
  18. Her Needs: Honesty & Openness
  19. Her Needs: Financial Support
  20. Her Needs: Family Commitment
  21. Book Recomendations for Roles, Male Headship & Submission
  22. Why Male Headship Does Not Work in Homes (The Misreadings of Ephesians 5)
  23. 25 Ways to be a Servant-Leader
  24. Recommended Resources from I Want a New Marriage Series
  25. His Needs, Her Needs