Monday Morning Mind Dump…


  • Yesterday was one of the those hard topics yesterday at Revolution
  • Not hard because it is controversial or that people will disagree with you
  • Hard because it just kind of ends
  • I talked about making wise decisions instead of foolish ones
  • You either get it or you don’t
  • You either do it or you don’t
  • What is so heartbreaking is while I’m preaching I’m looking at people I know making foolish decisions, wrecking their lives, on the verge of wrecking their lives and they just stare back at you
  • It’s heartbreaking watching someone continue to sin, continue to stay in that homosexual relationship, continue to go into debt, continue to be lazy, continue to sleep with someone they aren’t married to, stay in that addiction
  • As their pastor I want to grab them by the throat and yell at them
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • That felt like a rant, I’m done
  • On to happier things
  • I’m so ready for Easter at Revolution
  • It will be our first time meeting on Easter Sunday morning and we are kicking off a brand new series called Jesus Changes Everything
  • Make plans now for who you are going to invite to Easter Sunday or Good Friday
  • It’s going to be a powerful weekend at Revolution
  • I’ve never preached through a gospel before at Revolution, so this will be the first time and we’re going through John
  • Can’t wait
  • I participated in the first workout of the crossfit games this past weekend
  • The workout ate my lunch
  • I need to get better at snatches
  • I’ve been doing crossfit for 8 months now, the next 4 weeks of workouts will be a great measuring stick for me
  • It’s fun but depressing when you consider what some guys can lift
  • I spent a day last week in Phoenix with Jared, our next generation pastor learning about how to help 18-29 year olds stay connected to Jesus and the church
  • Really helpful stuff
  • Started a new phase of life last week as a T-ball coach for Gavin and Ashton
  • Should be fun though
  • I’m really excited about the mission opportunities of being around other parents and the connection of our kids on a team
  • We’ve been praying as a family that God would open doors through this
  • Really excited about this coming weekend at Revolution
  • I’m preaching from Ecclesiastes 11 and talking about how to make plans in an uncertain world

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