Monday Morning Mind Dump…


  • Yesterday was a rough day
  • We had the flu running through our house and I spent all morning waiting to get sick
  • Thankfully, it never happened, but the waiting is sometimes worse than actually getting sick
  • Consequently, I felt really distracted and off track at the beginning of my sermon
  • Not a good feeling when you are preaching
  • In God’s grace, I got more comments and texts about the sermon than any other sermon in our series on Ecclesiastes
  • Crazy how much this hit home for people today
  • I talked about idols of the heart and what it takes to live the life God created for you to live
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • Katie and I ate at a new place this past week for date night, The Abbey
  • Highly recommend it
  • A little pricey, so you need to be celebrating something, but really good food
  • The atmosphere with the view of the mountains is beautiful
  • Took our 2 oldest boys this past week to their first professional baseball game ever
  • One of them was bored in 5 minutes and the other was mad when we left
  • All around, a fun experience
  • Friday, Katie and I went to see Olympus has fallen
  • If you want an intense, action flick
  • This is it
  • Wow
  • 2 hours of adrenaline
  • Over the weekend I read through A Grace Revealed
  • I love Jerry Sittser’s writing
  • I read one of his other books in seminary and was blown away by it
  • A Grace Revealed is all about how God redeems your whole story and whole life
  • Really, really good
  • I couldn’t put it down
  • I’m really excited about this coming week at Revolution
  • We are having our first Easter Sunday service
  • Ever
  • To celebrate, we are kicking off a brand new series called Jesus Changes Everything
  • We are preaching through the gospel of John
  • This is the first time we’ve ever gone through a gospel at Revolution
  • Pretty excited about spending the next 9 months in John and unpacking what Jesus changes in our lives
  • On Good Friday, we will participate in the Stations of the Cross
  • If you have never done the stations, or if you have, you need to make plans to be there
  • It is a powerful experience
  • Getting away today for some solitude as I prepare for Easter
  • It’s been a busy spring and I need to do a better job of getting retreat days
  • The longer I lead Revolution, the more important it becomes to have regular times away to spend extended time with Jesus
  • I’d appreciate your prayers as I get ready for our new series and look ahead to what God is doing at Revolution
  • I’ve been thinking through what we’ll preach on after John, I think we might do the Song of Solomon
  • Not sure yet, but might do it

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