Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Hard to believe today is my 34th birthday
  • Katie’s birthday was last Thursday, so it was a fun birthday celebration
  • Pretty excited about Katie cooking me cioppino tonight
  • Saw Ironman 3 on Saturday night
  • If you like comic book movies, this is one to see
  • Wow
  • As a movie lover, I love the summer movie season
  • I told Katie there is a movie coming out almost every week this summer I want to see
  • As a nominal movie fan, she was pumped
  • :)
  • I’ve put a huge emphasis on growing as a communicator this year and spent some of this weekend reading a new book called Lead with a Story
  • Fascinating read, tons of great stories and ways to weave stories into a sermon or presentation
  • Yesterday at church was unbelievable
  • I preached on John 2:12 – 25 and the time that Jesus cleansed the temple and talked about rebuilding the temple in 3 days
  • Tons of relevant imagery to our lives and how Jesus rebuilds our lives
  • I got more feedback and responses to yesterday’s sermon than any sermon I could ever remember
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • Got a busy week this week as we have family coming into town
  • On top of the normal T-Ball 3 nights a week rhythm our family is now
  • One of the advantages to preaching a longer series like John is not having to prep a new fall series, which is what I’d normally be doing now
  • We have a HUGE adoption fundraiser happening on June 15th
  • I’ll blog details about it this week, but we are hoping to raise 9-15K to make the final push to bring our child from Ethiopia home
  • Crazy to think we are that close and could find out any day who our child is
  • That’s all for now

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