Why God Might be Silent


I often hear people lament (and have even thought it myself), “I read my bible and don’t get anything out of it.” Or, “I try to pray, but nothing happens.” Or, “I want to hear God speak, but I don’t hear anything, he’s just silent.”

I wonder if the reason God is silent is not because God doesn’t have things to show us or teach us but because we haven’t learned and applied what He’s already told us.

Think about the last area of your life or heart that God was working on, the last thing you were convicted about.

Do you have it?

Where are you in making those changes? If you made a commitment to do something, has that happened?

It isn’t that God is silent, I believe it is often that we struggle to handle what God has already given to us that we can’t handle more.

I believe that the reason God often seems silent is for our protection. It would overwhelm us.

Is that frustrating?

Yes for the simple reason, we want God to speak because we often don’t want to do or apply what He has already given to us.

We don’t want to let go of something, forgive someone, be more generous, slow down or open up in community. So, we look for something else to do. Something a little less uncomfortable or easier.

And God goes silent.

I believe, waiting for us to apply, learn and do, what He has already given to us or called us to.

The next time God seems silent ask, “Is there something I haven’t fully learned or applied that is keeping me from hearing God?”


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