Links for Your Weekend Enjoyment


Here are some interesting posts I found this week that I thought you’d find interesting:

5 ways to gracefully say “no.”

As a pastor, I’m constantly faced with more time demands placed upon me than I could ever possibly fulfill. As a result, I must make choices. Those demands sometimes are self-imposed (totally my choice) and sometimes they come from others. Often people in the church will ask pastors to do something that takes their time or they want to meet with them on some issue. In many cases we know deep inside that we should respond with a “No.” However, because we don’t want to disappoint, we often say, “Yes,” and later regret it.

The infallible word of God? Millennials are not taking your word for it.

Millennials need pastors who are proactive in addressing their questions, pastors who try to see through their lens and then jump in to provide clarity. They need pastors who read Newsweek and aren’t afraid to discuss it on Sunday or on their blogs or after church. They don’t expect you to have all the answers immediately — in fact, too quick a response probably inspires distrust. Many would love to ask their questions, but they aren’t always bold enough to do so.

The pattern for pastors who morally fail.

The study was of 246 men in full-time ministry who experienced moral failure within a two-year period of time. As far as he could discern, these full-time clergy were men who were born again followers of Jesus. Though they shared a common salvation, these men also shared a common feat of devastation; they had all, within 24 months of each other, been involved in an extra marital affair.

The best way to spend the first 10 minutes of your workday.

A positive result of some big-picture reflection includes the capability of better prioritizing your to-do tasks. Go above and beyond merely creating a list and challenge yourself to develop a realistic hierarchy for your tasks.

4 surprising disciplines leaders must master.

 The natural instinct of every leader is to look forward at the distance still to be traveled towards the goal. But don’t forget the discipline of looking back at the ground that’s already been covered. Celebrating the progress already achieved builds tremendous momentum for the team.