When You Aren’t in the Mood for Sex

mood for sex

At some point, all married couples hit a point in their relationship when sex feels like more of a chore than something they look forward to. Many couples struggle with a difference in desire, how often they want sex and even finding enjoyment in it.

This sets many couples up for fights, a disconnect relationally and frustration. It can open the door to manipulating each other instead of seeking to serve each other. It can open the door for temptation and bitterness as well.

Because life is constantly changing and moving, one month things seem to be going well in the romance and sex department for a couple, they can quickly find themselves angry, let down and frustrated.

What then?

Here are 4 questions to ask and two pieces of advice when you find yourself not in the mood for sex with your spouse:

1. What is your pace, sleep and diet like? Your diet, sleep and pace affect a lot in your life. When someone says, “I’m too tired for sex” they more than likely are too tired for sex. The older you get, the more kids you have (especially when they are young) this becomes even more important. Make sure you are getting as much as you can, that you are eating well so that your body is refueled and that you are watching your caffeine and alcohol intake. Is this only for sex? No, you should do this to live. I am always amazed at how little we seem to think about how much we sleep, how much we work and what we put into our bodies as it relates to our energy level.

2. What is your stress level like? Often frustrations come into the bedroom when we have frustrations in other areas of our lives. Too much work and not enough play can be a damaging thing when it comes to relationships. Are you able to disconnect from your work and life while you are at home? One study found that 36% of people check their phones right after sex, which seems crazy. You need to make sure that you are keeping boundaries in your life because they will affect what happens with your spouse in the bedroom if you aren’t careful.

3. How open and honest are you being as a couple? One reason couples see a drop in how often they have sex is because they don’t feel connected as a couple. They are keeping secrets, not sharing their life and when this happens, having sex becomes less of a priority. You aren’t sharing your life and energy for sex and connecting goes down. A simple way to get into the mood is to set the table so to speak. Open up, talk, share about your day. This can be seen as an issue when you fight right before having sex or when things start to get closer to sex. You are shutting down because you feel a lack of emotional connection with your spouse. 

4. How pure are you being? One reason couples don’t have much sex (and it doesn’t get talked about often enough) is that they aren’t being pure. They are looking at porn, emotionally connecting to someone they aren’t married to, reading romance novels or fantasizing about someone other than their spouse so they don’t need their spouse for sexual fulfillment. This is a dangerous place to be. Remember this truth: your sexual relationship is the barometer of your marriage. People argue against this, but it is true. If you find yourself not desiring sex, not having as much sex as you used to or think you should be having, the purity question might be worth exploring.

Now, two pieces of advice when you find yourself not in the mood for sex.

5. Think ahead. This isn’t romantic but often you need to plan sex. Whether that is saying in the morning, “we’ll have sex tonight.” Or, texting your spouse in the middle of the day what you want to do that night, plan it. This can build anticipation, but also helps to make sure it happens. This helps both people let go of stress from the day and get into the mindset for sex.

6. Sometimes you need to bite the bullet. Sometimes, for the good of your relationship, you just need to have sex. You are tired and want to go to sleep, you don’t feel like it, you don’t feel connected, but for the good of your marriage, you should have sex. Now, if this becomes the rhythm of your marriage (ie. you are never in the mood), then I would figure that out. There is more than likely an underlying issue that has yet to be dealt with.