Links for Your Weekend Enjoyment


Here are some interesting posts I found this week that I thought you’d find interesting:

The #1 social media question for pastors.

A lot of pastors don’t fully understand the role their social media accounts should play in their overall communication strategy. They ask the question about separate accounts because all they do is announce stuff that is happening at the church so they figure what’s the difference? Exactly! If you’re doing it that way there is no difference. Social media is great for making announcements, sending reminders, etc… and that’s exactly what the church accounts should be doing overall. But that is only the beginning of what it can do.

Is your leadership structure hurting your church’s growth?

I’m convinced bad governance is a key contributing factor as to why many churches don’t grow. And, conversely, I’m convinced that good governance is a key factor as to why some churches do grow.

What is marriage to millennial evangelicals?

To them, the Christian argument against same-sex marriage is an appeal to the authority of a few disparate Bible verses, and therefore compelling only to those with a literalist hermeneutic. What the article names as a “revisionist” idea of marriage—marriage as an emotional, romantic, sexual bond between two people—does not seem “new” to my students at all, because this is the view of marriage they were raised with, albeit with a scriptural, heterosexual gloss.

Questions to ask before you start something new at your church.

If you are an engaged, commitment member of a local church then you have probably at some point said to yourself or a friend, “We should do this ministry.” Often times these types of thoughts and ideas give birth to very fruitful and faithful ministries. As church leaders pastors pray for increasingly burdened and active church members. But, there is more to it than this.