Summer Reading List


Summer is a great time to read books. The longer days, trips to the beach and the pool, time in the car. If you aren’t careful though, you can end up reading the wrong books or miss the opportunity. While I won’t get through all of the books on my list (or even finish all the ones I start), here a few in different categories I’m hoping to read:

History: I love history and recently have been enjoying reading more of it. This summer feels like a time to spend some extra time on history books.

Leadership: It is impossible for me to not read some kind of leadership book, so that will for sure happen this summer. Here are a few:

Soul: Leadership can become all about doing and tasks, spending time with people, meetings and sermon prep. Summer is a great time as a leader to work on your heart and soul, grow who you are.

Novels: I don’t think pastors read enough novels or books for fun. On vacation, these are my go to books.

Future sermons: Summer is a great time to work ahead on sermons and do some background work. This fall, I’m preaching through Acts so I’ll start working through some books on that.