9 Posts Every Leader Should Read


Here are 9 posts I came across this week that challenged my thinking or helped me as a leader, husband and father. I hope they help you too:

  1. Five Things that are a Total Waste of Time in Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof
  2. The Senior Pastor Checklist by Brian Jones
  3. Some Leaders Finish (Very) Well by Dan Reiland
  4. Are your Values Adding Value? by Mac Lake
  5. 1 Simple Trick to Strengthen Your Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe
  6. 10 Things Pastors Will Think about as they Preach this Weekend by Chuck Lawless
  7. 6 Ways Ministry Spouses get Hurt by Thom Rainer
  8. How to be a Prolific Writer by Daniel Darling
  9. 10 Year Study Reveals What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ron Carucci