3 Simple Time Hacks for Parents and 6 Other Posts You Should Read this Weekend


Each Friday I share some posts that I’ve come across in the last week. They range in topics and sources but they are all things I’ve found interesting or helpful that I hope will be interesting and helpful to you. Here are 7 posts I came across this week that challenged my thinking or helped me as a leader, pastor, husband and father:

  1. 3 Simple Time Hacks for Parents
  2. 5 Tips to Blog Faster by Ellen Jackson
  3. Creating a Blog Content Plan for 2017 by Nicole Avery
  4. 6 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2017 by Carey Nieuwhof
  5. What Should Pastors Do with Personal Pain? by Charles Stone
  6. 10 Ways the Role of Pastor is Changing by Chuck Lawless
  7. The 12 Most Important Things To Read, Watch Or Listen To As You Start 2017 by Brian Jones