Why Papa of The Shack is not Aslan of Narnia & 8 Other Posts You Should Read


Each Friday I share some posts that I’ve come across in the last week. They range in topics and sources but they are all things I’ve found interesting or helpful that I hope will be interesting and helpful to you. Here are 9 posts I came across this week that challenged my thinking or helped me as a leader, pastor, husband and father:

  1. The Most Important Minutes We Often Miss by Jon Acuff
  2. Inside the Strange Head of A Leader: 5 Mood Swings Any Leader Can Relate To by Carey Nieuwhof
  3. 7 Ways to Help a New Staff Member Succeed by Ron Edmondson
  4. Do not Forsake True Solitude, Pastor by Joe Hoagland
  5. Does Your Preaching Connect? One Important Shift You Can Make by Gavin Adams
  6. What the Transgender Debate Means for the Church by Russell Moore
  7. Building a Ministry Dashboard You’ll Actually Use by Ryan Stigile
  8. Secret for Public Speaking Success: Speak Their Thoughts Before They Do by Sims Wyeth
  9. Why Papa of The Shack is not Aslan of Narnia by Tim Challies