Sheryl Sandberg @ the Leadership Summit

I’m at the leadership summit with the team from Revolution Church. This is by far the best leadership conference of the year. This is my 14th summit and every year, God stretches me and challenges me. So much wisdom and inspiration wrapped up into two days. I always blog my notes, so if you can’t attend or missed something, I’ve got you covered.

The second session was with Sheryl Sandberg. Her book Option B, was one of my favorite books of the year so far. She is the COO of Facebook.

Here are some takeaways:

  • What we see ourselves becoming is often what we become.
  • If we can’t see ourselves becoming something, we won’t reach it.
  • When choosing a job, choose a mission you believe in and a path for growth.
  • Hire people that you don’t need yet, but will need soon. Hire people you will need.
  • Always hire someone with skills over experience if you have to choose.
  • Most organizations don’t fire as quickly as they should.
  • Focus on results, not on facetime.
  • The goal in a job is to get results.
  • Make heroes in your organization of those who work hard, but fail and learn from failure.
  • We would have a different world if women got an equal seat at the table.
  • Churches and organizations must do a better job of helping women lead and use their gifts.

How to grieve

  • We personalize it. We blame ourselves in grief and beat ourselves up.
  • Everything is pervasive. We talk about how everything is terrible. In grief, think about what could be worse.
  • Permanence. Grief does go away.
  • Joy is something we have to look for.
  • Don’t ignore pain and grief. Engage it.
  • Compliments on the most basic thing is really helpful.
  • When people are in grief, we need to show up.
  • In the midst of grief, give yourself permission to be happy.


  • At the end of each day, write down 3 things that brought you joy that day.
  • The longer you lead, the harder it is to get real feedback.