My Notes from Marcus Buckingham on “Building Great Teams” @ the Leadership Summit

I’m at the leadership summit with the team from Revolution Church. This is by far the best leadership conference of the year. This is my 14th summit and every year, God stretches me and challenges me. So much wisdom and inspiration wrapped up into two days. I always blog my notes, so if you can’t attend or missed something, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some takeaways from session 5 with Marcus Buckingham:

  • You have to study excellence to learn excellence.
  • Most work happens in informal team.
  • The job of a leader is to build great teams.
  • You can’t learn how to build a great team by looking at dysfunctional teams.

8 conditions of high performing teams:

  • I am really enthusiastic about the mission of my company.
  • At work, I clearly understand what is expected of me.
  • I have a chance to use my strengths everyday at work.
  • In my team, I am surrounded by people who share my values.
  • I know I will be recognized for excellent work.
  • My teammates have my back.
  • In my work, I am always challenged to grow.
  • I have great confidence in my company’s future.
  • Great teams have a purpose, pursue excellence, support each other and have a clear picture of the future.
  • People want to feel part of something bigger than them and make them feel special.
  • The way we rate people reflects us, not the people we rate.
  • 61-62% of how we rate people is a reflection of ourselves.
  • We do not rate other people very well.
  • Ask yourself these questions about each team member: Do I turn to my team when I want extraordinary results? Do I choose to work with you as much as I can?
  • The most important way to get great work is to make sure people know what is expected of them and if they use their strengths.
  • Check in frequently about strength-based about near-term future work.
  • Ask: What are your priorities this week? Next week? How can I help?
  • We don’t want feedback, we want attention.