Links I Like

Links for Your Morning Reading

  1. Brad Lomenick on Are you a leader or a follower?
  2. How to criticize your pastor
  3. Brian Tracy on 5 tips for running an effective meeting
  4. Mark Driscoll on 8 principles for churches that want to grow
  5. Perry Noble on 8 reasons churches don’t grow
  6. The top 5 things introverts dread about church. As an introvert, I agree with this list. 

Links of the Week

  1. Thom Rainer on 7 personality traits of effective leaders.
  2. What to do about KONY 2012. This is a helpful perspective. Here is some more information about the invisible children. I appreciate how transparent they are being about things.
  3. Scott Williams on How to effectively handle criticism.
  4. The truth about post-workout nutrition.
  5. Justin Anderson on Reflections on 7 years of church planting.
  6. Leadership lessons from Ed Young Jr. There are some nuggets here.
  7. Charles Stone on Introverts don’t make good pastors. Being a pastor and an introvert, I found this really helpful.
  8. Are you called to be a pastor?
  9. Ben Reed on 5 things a pastor should never say.
  10. Sam Rainer on The trap of availability among leaders.

Links of the Week

  1. Introverts in the church. I haven’t read this book yet, but as an introvert, I’m grateful people are talking about this.
  2. 7 negative effects of porn.
  3. Scott Thomas on What pastors can learn from the Penn State scandal.
  4. Is there a megachurch bubble?
  5. Mike Breen on what the American church will look like in 10 years.
  6. Gospel Coalition on importan female voices in the church.
  7. Andy Stanley on Creating a come and see culture.