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Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


Denny Burk on Beware of self-appointed pastors.

The pastoral office is reserved for those who are gifted for the ministry and who meet a defined set of character qualifications (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). The men who meet these qualifications are not self-appointed. The church is to recognize and set these men apart for the ministry (1 Tim. 4:14). The issue is not whether one recognizes his own giftedness and qualification. The issue is whether the people of God recognize it as well.

Tim Challies on Don’t pray in circles. (Katie and I appreciated Batterson’s book for the way it challenged our prayer lives, but Tim is spot on with this.)

Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus as simply and clearly as they could: “Teach us to pray.” When Jesus taught his disciples, he said nothing about prayer circles; if anything, he said the opposite when he told them to pray privately and in a quiet place. When Paul wrote to the people he loved, he often told them how and what he was praying on their behalf, and he said nothing about prayer circles. Praying in circles is absent in any and every form.

Matt Chandler on Being engaged in the battle over abortion.

When I begin to have conversations with some of my aunts and uncles and how they wish they would have marched with King but they were just indifferent, they just thought it would work itself out. How they wish they could get back into time and fight the noble fight. Instead, they were quiet… I think [abortion] is going to be one of those issues for us. Science is already pushing the ball forward rapidly. In 1973, when Roe v. Wade occurred, there was no sonogram. We can see our babies in the womb now. There are studies now showing the baby is dreaming in the womb. Science will eventually, I believe, turn over Roe v. Wade. It will only be a matter of time.

Shane Blackshear on 5 ways to be unsatisfied with your church.

“There is no perfect church, and if you find one, don’t join it because you’ll ruin it.” I don’t know who first said that, but it’s true. All churches are strong in some areas and weak in others. Hopefully churches are always working on those weaknesses, but if we can’t settle for anything less than perfection, then we’re in real trouble.

Brian Howard on The power of positive leadership.

Have you ever given thought to how much positive vs. corrective feedback you give to your family or team? Perhaps if we focused more on teaching and encouragement rather than criticism we would see completely different results than we are used to seeing.

Carlos Whittaker on Megachurch myths.
Myth: Mega-Churches should spend their money rescuing orphans with all their dollars instead of building fancy buildings. Truth: They should rescue orphans. They should also rescue Bob the 38 year old banker who lives off of Tower Place Drive in Buckhead.
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Cheap Kindle Books [12.9.13]


Here are some cheap kindle books. Not sure how long they’ll stay that way:

Quick Book Reviews: Matt Chandler, Tullian Tchvidjian & Bob Franquiz

There are 3 books that came out recently, that have been very helpful for my spiritual walk right now.


The first is One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World by Tullian Tchvidjian.

Tullian tackles the topic of why we are so weary instead of refreshed in our spiritual journey. That for many people, it is the endless running of trying to be more, do more and improve their standing in the eyes of God. When, as a follower of Jesus, you cannot do anything to improve your standing before God.

This message, if understood by Christians would lead to more life, more joy and less burning out to show God how awesome you are.


The second one is To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler. Chandler walks through the book of Philippians in a helpful and refreshing way. I used this book for a week or so as my devotional (reading through a passage in Philippians and a chapter of the book).

I found this to be a helpful way to move through a book of the Bible and be able to understand more fully what Paul meant when he said, “to live is Christ but to die is gain.” It is a great book that shows what is most important in life and how to move towards that in practical ways.


The third one is Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic by Bob Franquiz.

I’ve become friends with Bob over the last few years, been a part of his coaching network and gleaned stole all kinds of ideas from him. He is simply a genius when it comes to church systems, church growth and marketing. His book, Pull, is all his best knowledge put together in one book. The chapters on Facebook ads and using social media to spread the word of your church are worth the price of the book.

Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. Ed Stetzer on Has Dr. King’s dream come true?
  2. Mark Driscoll on It’s all about the numbers. Really well said.
  3. 6 subtle signs your organization has silos.
  4. Jay Dennis on Pornography and pastors.
  5. 10 questions to ask about your work/life balance.
  6. Perry Noble on The one thing that holds leaders back.
  7. Seeing God in your work.
  8. John Stott on How to preach with authority.
  9. 10 football books leaders should read.
  10. Dave Bruskas on How to rest in ministry.
  11. Donald Miller on People aren’t following you because you aren’t clear.
  12. What Matt Chandler wished he knew when he started ministry. This series is gold for pastors and those entering ministry.

Why Revolution Church is Part of Acts 29

My church, Revolution Church, is a part of a global church-planting network called Acts 29. I can’t say enough about my excitement for the network, what it has done for our church and what it is doing around the world. Here’s a short video from the President of the Network, Matt Chandler, describing why we’re a part of Acts 29.

Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Loved this weekend
  • It was awesome sitting in the service yesterday and hearing Jared preach
  • He hit it out of the park talking about how Jesus handles our fears, anxieties and worries
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • Katie and I got to spend last week in Newport Beach, CA with all the other Acts 29 Pastors and their wives
  • It was awesome getting away and being with friends
  • I love hearing what God is doing around the world and how He is using Acts 29 to change lives and cities
  • We have been a part of Acts 29 for over 3 years and I have never been more excited about the direction of the network than I am right now
  • Matt Chandler is an off the charts leader
  • Being away was awesome, but it was great coming back home
  • Even if it is 111 when we got back
  • Really feeling blessed to be on my summer preaching break right now
  • Love the extended time to meet with leaders, study for future sermons and feed my soul
  • It is a blessing our elders see the value in this time for me
  • This time is great to for looking ahead at future sermons
  • Pretty positive we will be preaching through 1 Corinthians in 2014
  • Going to be fun to hit some of the controversial topics in that book like church unity, divorce, lawsuits, speaking in tongues, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, head coverings and the list goes on
  • Should be fun
  • Looking forward to taking my kids to see a movie this week
  • We’ll have to decide between Epic, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University
  • If you’ve seen any of them, leave a comment about it and if it is worth seeing
  • Excited about getting our MC together this Thursday for a picnic on the 4th
  • Not preaching also gives me more time to read
  • Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve read some killer books: Sex & Money, Boundaries for Leaders, Influencer, Drive, The Pastor’s Family and Follow the Leader
  • It’s been a great 2 weeks seeing God work in a variety of places
  • Makes me excited for the next season at Revolution Church!

Kindle deals for #TGC13


TGC 13 is in full swing and publishers have some great deals on the speakers (and friends of the speakers) eBooks including:

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City by Tim Keller—$5.99.

Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church by Matt Chandler, Eric Geiger, Josh Patterson—$3.49

Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary by J. D. Greear—$3.99

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You Are Saved by J. D. Greear—$4.39

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry by John Piper—$4.39

Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old-Fashioned Way by J. I. Packer and Gary Parrett. $1.99

Leadership as an Identity: The Four Traits of Those Who Wield Lasting Influence by Crawford Loritts—$4.99

The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach: Help from Trusted Preachers for Tragic Times by Bryan Chapell—$3.99

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will or How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Impressions, Open Doors, Random … Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc. by Kevin DeYoung—$4.99

Preaching and Preachers by Martin Lloyd Jones—$3.99

Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck—$4.99

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp—$1.99

Instructing a Child’s Heart by Tedd & Margy Tripp—$1.99

Worship by the Book by D. A. Carson—$3.99

How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens: A Guide to Christ-Focused Reading of Scripture by Michael Williams—$3.99

The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies—$3.99

Counterfeit Gospels by Trevin Wax—$4.99

For more titles, be sure to check out Gospel eBooks here or by clicking the ad at the top of the page.

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