My Notes from Sam Adeyemi on “Redefining Success” @ the Leadership Summit

I’m at the leadership summit with the team from Revolution Church. This is by far the best leadership conference of the year. This is my 14th summit and every year, God stretches me and challenges me. So much wisdom and inspiration wrapped up into two days. I always blog my notes, so if you can’t attend or missed something, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some takeaways from session 6 with Sam Adeyemi:

  • You don’t attract who you want, you attract who you are.
  • There needs to be alignment between the identity of the leader and the followers.
  • We can make champions out of ordinary people.
  • The transformation that happens in people’s lives is the ability of your leadership.
  • Real and sustainable change in people’s lives begins with a change in their sense of identity.
  • We must help people see a new identity.
  • What we believe is what we become.
  • Changing how people see themselves is the hard work of leadership.

4 steps to change what people see and hear:

  • Describe your vision over and over. 
  • There is power in vision.
  • The people you lead should be able to see themselves in your vision.
  • A vision is not just a present self, but a future self.
  • People don’t follow you because you are special, you lead because they are special.
  • Great leaders change what people think about themselves.
  • Set up a structured training system. 
  • Is your training capable of producing the ideal staff and members of your vision?
  • You must model the transformation you are talking about. 
  • Those you lead need to see you transformed.
  • Reinvent yourself over and over. 
  • Constantly ask what the next level of success looks like.
  • To grow, you must let go of who you have been.
  • Many leaders are stuck because they no longer take risks because of fear of losing their success.