2018 Leadership Summit – 14 Leadership Quotes from Juliet Funt

Every year, my team and I attend the leadership summit. This year, there is a shadow hanging over the summit as I outlined here, but I’m still trusting that it will have some incredibly helpful content, just like in past years. To capture what I’m learning and to help you grow as a leader, I always share my notes from each session, so be sure to check back after each session and bookmark them for future use.

The second session featured a talk by Juliet Funt, who spoke last year.

The following are some takeaways:

  1. Casualness makes us comfortable.
  2. When people are casual, you acquiesce to all sorts of unfortunate things.
  3. The casualness of unnecessary work is killing us. This leads to companies falling into overload.
  4. The seeds of problems in a company are conformity, compulsivity, and control.
  5. Conformity
  6. The whitespace 50/50 rule: Anything that bothers you at work is 50% your fault until you have asked for what you want.
  7. Compulsivity
  8. The yellow list: This is with everyone you work with and ask, does this need to be sent right now? If it doesn’t, you add this to your yellow list.
  9. Control
  10. The more we have our fingers in everything, the slower we’ll move.
  11. 2nd tier delegation: First tier delegation is people you give things to you that you trust implicitly. You don’t give the same respect and trust to the second tier, but you have to. You build first tier delegation by delegating to the second tier.
  12. Compliance is when everyone says yes because no one knows how to say no.
  13. At some point, the only thing left in people’s minds is your legacy.
  14. Legacy is a story yet to be written but you hold the pen.